Investment memo: Gadget

Investment memo: Gadget


Cofounders: Mo Hashemi + Harry Brundage

Stage: Early revenue, killer product with strong early customer traction


Scaling Privy, there were so many components we needed to build into the app. Tons of these were specific to our Shopify Integration.

Many of them completely mundane. All of them specific to commerce.

This took a ton of dev time and maintenance as we scaled.

We had tons of internal battles around product decisions for certain components of our app.

But in the 10 years we scaled Privy, there was never discussion or much time spent on our vendor heroku, which acted as our backend, and scaled with us globally.

Gadget is a dev tool like heroku, but built specifcally for commerce applications.

It's not no-code - I don't believe in that. But it's "lower code", and can handle a ton of your commerce app's back end.

With over 8,000 app developers in shopify, this ecosystem is starting to explode.

And Mo and Harry, the two cofounders are an incredible team, having led product and engineering within Shopify for some of their core products, at scale.