It's been fun to see how well received this blog and newsletter is. I'm excited.

But I can't really just take every meeting people want. Sorry - it's true.

Formal Advisory

I'm currently at capacity and not open to new advisory agreements.

Required reading before we begin working together

Reading these will help both of us work together more efficiently.

  1. Monthly update template. Ideally you are already in a cadence of sendning a monthly update. If not, its the single most valuable way to get any stakeholder up to date and tracking business progress. Reading these regularly is how I'll be able to add the most value and help the most.
  2. Getting your first X customers. Zero excuse for not getting customers in this day and age. This post is about how we got our first 1,000 shopify stores to download Privy. Please demonstrate progress here. You can find your target customer online today, in a million places, actively talking about the problem you're trying to solve. Find those conversations, and start contributing to the conversation.
  3. The right way to build product and market your product. It's a simple cycle, but very few companies actually do this.
  4. How I think about product driving growth through integrations. I refer to this anytime people ask me how we grew so quickly.
  5. How we succeeded on the app store. The shopify app store has changed a ton, but there's still tremendous value in optimizing your listing.
  6. How I raised money (including pitch decks). It'll give you a sense of what I expect to see, story telling and traction.
  7. The process I used to sell the company. Being strategic about this, and spending time here was a big reason for why we were able to architect a competitive acquisition for 9 figures.