Investment memo: Spellbound

Investment memo: Spellbound

Company: Spellbound

CEO: Akshaya Dinesh

Stage: Beta, killer product with strong early revenue


Email marketing is such a core component to a brand's stack. It's one of the strongest owned channels out there.

The automation and segmentation around emails has advanced a ton over the years, but the actual technology inside the email has made zero progress.

Why can't you complete a review for a product you purchased, inside an email client?

Why can't you set your size and style preferences, inside the email client?

Why can't you update and edit your cart, even checkout, inside the email client?

This is the exact interactive technology Spellbound has spent years building for Shopify brands.

It's super slick and the founder, Akshaya, is awesome. I love her technical background, but I love how she's consistently marketing and demoing her product in public.

Interactive email tech is not easy to build, and the spellbound team is making huge progress that will push the entire industry forward.