Investment memo: Intelligems

Investment memo: Intelligems

Company: Intelligems

CEO: Drew Marconi

Monthly revenue at time of investment: $40K

MoM Growth rate: 18%

Annualized Revenue Run Rate: $480K

YoY Growth rate: 3900%


In traditional B2B SaaS. content management platforms like google analytics, optimizely and hubspot have grown tremendously by enabling  AB test functionality.

AB tests are simple when the only thing that needs to change is content or navigation or visuals.

In commerce, AB testing is far more complex because it’s not just what the visitor sees that needs to change. Experiments need to flow from visit through product pages through cart review pages through checkout flow into transaction and fullflillment, and integrated into customer support and CRM data as well.

Historically, Shopify, magento, bigcommerce - none of these platforms enable AB testing as a result.

Intelligems has built a testing platform, with a strong technical team, that large brands are loving.

Their wedge is price testing, which is helping drive profit optimization (very top of mind for brands in this market) and is leading to rapid MoM growth.

I backed Intelligems personally and have followed their monthly growth, and decided to take the remainder of their recent round from the fund.

I'm excited to see where they take the platform.