Investment memo: Mavi

Investment memo: Mavi


CEO: Cynthia Hollen

Stage: Product is built, contracts are signed with big name manufacturers


Commerce is everywhere. Your laptop, your phone, but the experience of buying anything while on your way in the car, is either illegal or horrible.

We shouldn't be fumbling on phones while driving, placing mobile pick up orders at restaurants or stores.

We should have one click, visual or voice driven prompts on the in-vehicle dashboard to place orders for things nearby.

It's a bold bet, but I've been blown away at what Cynthia and her team at Mavi are building.

They're building the software, along with the marketplace behind OnMyWay commerce.

Mavi helps your car understand how far you are from things you like: food, good etc, and using audio or visual prompts, paired with your credit card of choice, can help you place orders while stuck in traffic, or on your solo commute, without fumbling for your phone and putting everyone at risk.

I can't share who she's signed with, but expect to play with vehicle commerce soon!

Here's a demo with Chrysler: