Investment memo: Abra

Investment memo: Abra

Company: Abra

CEO: Daniel Patricio

Monthly Revenue at time of investment: $0


Scaling Privy, it's been amazing to see how painful couponing and promotion remains in this industry. It's such a core component to commerce, yet no one has really solved it in a way that simplifies life for both merchants and consumers. At Privy, we've had to spend tons of engineering time around automating coupon workflows. I mean a shit ton. And even so, it's hard coded into the handful of workflows that Privy offers.

Daniel from Abra is a super inspiring founder. We know each other well from when he was a critical Product Manager at Shopify for 8 years working on the core merchant experience.

He and I worked on a handful of projects together between Privy and Shopify's integration.  And for years I tried to recruit him to run product at Privy, to no avail.

He runs a super successful shopify store himself, selling Biltong (South Africa's beef jerky), and is a product visionary I deeply admire.

He's taking a super smart approach to solving coupons and promotions in a way that Shopify has left wide open, that merchants are loving, and that the ecosystem like Privy will likely need to integrate into their platforms.

Promotions are changing, and Abra is leading the charge into the next iteration of how it all works in an integrated, mobile first world.