Investment memo: Social Snowball

Investment memo: Social Snowball

Company: Social Snowball

CEO: Noah Tucker

Monthly revenue at time of investment: $45K

MoM Growth: 18%

Annualized revenue run rate: $540K

YoY Growth: 250%


In commerce, the use of influencer marketing and affiliate marketing has absolutely exploded. People buy from people they know or trust. But for brands its been hard to set up influencers, control links and incentives they distribute, and track results of influencer marketing.

Social snowball's easy to use platform does exactly that.

The ecosystem needs a single place to manage all this, and Noah and his team are well on their way. It's a slick platform, built on Shopify's new APIs, and built for a influencer first world.

Noah is a first time founder, but I love how he and the team are scrappy, mostly bootstrapped and growing really nicely through word of mouth.

I'm excited to work closely with Noah on this one.